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  • Campfire safety tips from RMCat

    Memorial Day is just around the corner, and summertime is fast approaching here in the high country. For many, the summer season in Colorado is camping season. Summertime in Colorado is also wildfire season. Did you know as many as 90% of wildfires are caused by human activity? That means campfires are a leading cause […]

  • Mud season carpet cleaning

    Mud season is here in Colorado, with the warmth of spring melting all the snow in the High Country. All that mud can make a mess in your home or property, which means spring is a good time to have your carpets professionally cleaned. Here are six reasons why: –       Your carpet will be cleaner […]

  • Colorado radon testing and remediation

    Radon is back in the news this week, with a recent report from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment asserting all 64 counties in Colorado are now considered high-risk for radon exposure – including Routt, a county proudly served by RMCat. So what is radon, anyway? Actually, radon is a chemical element – […]

  • Colorado Flood Safety and Wildfire Awareness Week

    Happy spring equinox, everyone! As the season grows warmer and temperatures rise, that means the potential for wildfires and floods rises as well. To help prepare Colorado for the upcoming wildfire and flood seasons, Governor Hickenlooper has declared this week to be Colorado Flood Safety and Wildfire Awareness Week. To help us all be more […]

  • Home maintenance tips for spring

    Springtime is just around the corner. Days are getting longer, and daylight savings time is already this Sunday. Though we still have plenty of snow here in the Colorado Rockies, temperatures are just beginning to warm. For homeowners in the high country, here are a few indoor and outdoor maintenance tips for your home as […]

  • Frozen pipes, and how we can help

    Frozen pipes. It’s one of the frequent home catastrophes we encounter here in the high country. We recently responded to a call right here in Fraser, which is a story similar to much of the work we do up here. The homeowners woke up one cold Fraser morning and went to the bathroom, but when […]

  • Home maintenance tips to keep you warm, and save you money too

    Keeping your home warm during the long Rocky Mountain winters can be difficult. It’s not impossible, though. A few quick home maintenance fixes can go a long way toward keeping your home better insulated. Better insulation means your home will stay warmer and heat more efficiently, which will also reduce the cost of your energy […]