Home maintenance tips for spring

Springtime is just around the corner. Days are getting longer, and daylight savings time is already this Sunday. Though we still have plenty of snow here in the Colorado Rockies, temperatures are just beginning to warm. For homeowners in the high country, here are a few indoor and outdoor maintenance tips for your home as spring sets in.



Clean and inspect gutters: make sure your gutters are clear of leaves, sticks, and other debris, so snowmelt and spring rain have a place to drain. Repair any leaks or other damage to your eaves troughs. Also, be sure downspouts are effectively draining water away from your home, and not just letting water pool up near your foundation.

Check your roof: try to inspect your roof for loose or missing shingles, which can cause leaks and other damage over time. If you notice any damage, have your roof professionally repaired.

Trim broken branches: If the snow and ice of winter have damaged trees on your property, be sure to fix the damage. Dead or broken limbs can fall or be blown down by spring winds, and these falling limbs can cause property damage or injury. Have broken branches removed, and prune injured limbs to help trees heal.




Inspect smoke detectors: make sure your home’s smoke detectors are in proper working order. Replace any damaged or malfunctioning detectors. Even if batteries aren’t completely dead, smoke detector batteries should be replaced at least once a year, and spring is as good a time as any to get in the habit of checking and replacing them.

Check your basement: the freezing and thawing of winter can do a number on your home’s foundation. Check your basement for cracks, leaks, or other damage. If you find any issues, have them examined and repaired before they create additional problems, like structural damage or mold growth.

Replace filters in your HVAC: a clean filter allows your furnace to operate more efficiently. Fresh furnace filters will also allow cleaner, healthier air to circulate throughout your home.

These are just a few tips for spring home maintenance in the high country. If you have any questions, or need help with any repairs, contact RMCat today. We can help with anything from roof repairs to moisture and mold removal in your basement. Just remember: if you experience a home catastrophe, we are here to help!

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