Colorado radon testing and remediation

Radon is back in the news this week, with a recent report from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment asserting all 64 counties in Colorado are now considered high-risk for radon exposure – including Routt, a county proudly served by RMCat.

So what is radon, anyway?

Radon Testing

Actually, radon is a chemical element – atomic number 86, to be exact. It is an odorless, colorless, tasteless gas, which makes it difficult to detect. It occurs naturally in the earth’s soil, and can slowly seep from the ground into your home, usually through cracks in your foundation or similar spots.

So how can radon pose a threat to you and your family?

Well, radon is also radioactive, and has been known to cause cancer and other health problems after prolonged exposure. As radon naturally emanates from the earth’s soil, it can seep into and accumulate in your home or property. If significant amounts of radon accumulate in your home and you’re exposed to it over time, it could cause health problems.

So can you protect yourself and your family from radon?

That’s where we at RMCat can help. We’re trained professionals when it comes to radon, with the experience and equipment necessary to both test for and remove radon in your home.

We know how to find all the areas in your home where radon can enter and accumulate – through cracks in foundations, gaps around service pipes, cavities inside walls, and other high-risk spots. We can professionally patch these gaps and cracks to reduce the amount of radon entering your home. We can also professionally install radon remediation systems that will quickly and effectively keep radon from accumulating in your home.

It’s important to mention the EPA recommends hiring a qualified radon remediation contractor to test for radon and to install radon remediation measures. If you don’t have the proper training and equipment, you may actually increase the risk of radon entering your home, or create other potential hazards and additional expenses.

So if you would like your property tested for radon, or know you need radon remediation devices installed, contact Rocky Mountain Catastrophe today. We can quickly and effectively fix your radon problems, and fix it right the first time, so you won’t have to worry about the health of your family. Contact us today – we are here to help!

To contact Rocky Mountain Catastrophe, call (970) 722-7744 or email [email protected].

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