• Easy Home Improvements

    Easy Home Improvements to Enhance Your Home Paper Towel Drawer – you know that “drawer” that doesn’t actually go anywhere? You know, the one under the sink that guests are always grabbing when looking for kitchen utensils. With some tools, paint, and some time that “drawer” can become the perfect paper towel holder. Learn how to here. Get Creative […]

  • Roof Leaking?

    Roof Leaking? What to do when you notice your roof is leaking? Sometimes you’ll get a bit of a warning when your roof has begun to leak, water will begin building up, soaking and discoloring your ceiling’s drywall. Ideally you’ll be able to catch it early, and contact a professional and licensed roof repair company like […]

  • 10 Reasons Drying is Best Left to Professionals:

    10 Reasons Drying Out after Flooding is Best Left to Professionals: If your basement is flooded, pumping it right away when the ground around the foundation is saturated can cause uneven pressure and cause your foundation to crack or even collapse. Natural gas lines can leak after flooding, causing a very dangerous situation. Make sure […]

  • Are Ice Dams Damaging Your Home?

    Icicles might make the neighborhood look like a winter wonderland, but many times they indicate a potentially serious problem called an ice dam. If not treated, ice dams can allow water to get under roofing and siding, causing leaks, mold, warped ceilings, floors, and even major structural problems.  Sounds fun right?  Not so much. So […]