A great customer testimonial, and why we do this job

We at Rocky Mountain Catastrophe recently completed a water damage restoration job for some property owners in Fraser. The owners are from out-of-town, and own a second property up here, similar to many other second-homeowners here in the high country. We just received a testimonial from the owners, and we’re so proud of it we’d like to share it with everyone here on our blog:

Greetings from [our home in] Fraser!

When the water damage occurred to our property, emotions run wild with thoughts of emergency trips from WI, dealing with contractors and insurance personnel, protecting our personal property, loss of rentals etc ,etc.

The reality is, because of all of you,  our negative emotions, concerns and perceived challenges were quickly changed to confidence  and we were comfortable  staying out of you way.  

For the most part we did, with the exceptions of appropriate updates from you which were very appreciated.  We were hoping for completion for the Thanksgiving weekend and again, you didn’t disappoint us.

We have been in our unit during the month of January and have the opportunity to really inspect for even minor reconstruction challenges.  We look every day and we still can’t find any!  The point is we are extremely pleased with the condition of our unit, we didn’t do anything except to trust you to get it accomplished and we are very grateful and pleased with the process and especially, results!

As a veteran insurance agent, I know quality restoration companies and Rocky Mountain Catastrophe &Restoration, Inc. is on the top of my list.  Not only what was accomplished for us but what they have done recently for our January water loss in Fraser Crossing.   VERY IMPRESSIVE!   A huge THANK YOU to Dave and his crew, a special emotional personal thank you to everyone else we did what you did because you care, PRICELESS!

[We] are very grateful, THANK YOU!

We’re so glad that the owners are pleased with the work we completed for them. We were happy to help them in a pinch, even though they were out of town when a water damage catastrophe struck their home.

In fact, being able to help out a homeowner in distress is part of why we enjoy this job. We know how awful it can be when water damage or other problems occur in your home, especially if you aren’t around when it happens. We know exactly how to help right away, 24/7, to minimize damage and get the problem fixed for you ASAP. From fixing frozen pipes to repairing plumbing to water extraction and drying out, we’re there for you.

Whether you’re a second homeowner here in Colorado, or a full-time local, keep us in mind. We can be there day or night, even when you can’t. We’ll quickly mitigate a catastrophe in your property and get everything restored like it never even happened. We are here to help!

To contact Rocky Mountain Catastrophe, give us a call at 970-722-7744 or email [email protected].