Sewage Removal

Leave the stinky stuff to us...

When a toilet or pipe backs up, and raw sewage spills into your living or working space, you have not only a stinky mess, but also a potential health hazard. Considered “black water,” sewage can be toxic, containing blood-borne illnesses such as Hepatitis A and B. Strict precautions need to be taken when cleaning up sewage. Fortunately, we can help correct sewage damage and perform sewage cleanup – safely, quickly and permanently.

At Rocky Mountain Catastrophe, our sewage cleanup services includes:

  • extracting the sewage
  • drying out the floors, walls, cabinets, and whatever else has been damaged
  • cleaning the carpets
  • removing the odor (we don’t mask it, we remove it)

Common causes of sewage backup in Grand County include:

  • clogged toilets
  • clogged drains
  • clogged pipes inside the building
  • cracked or broken main sewer line (caused by aging, root damage, or soil movement)
  • faulty septic system
  • structural defects in the sewer piping system
  • severe flooding that overwhelms the water and sanitation district system

For more information on sewage removal, please call (970) 722-7744, or e-mail [email protected]. In case of a sewage emergency, please call (970) 531-7308.