Leave the Smoke Damage to the Professionals

Smoke Damage Restoration

House Fire Damage Grand CountySo you’ve had a fire?

It might seem like the damage is manageable and you’ll be able to make the repairs yourself, while saving money. Wrong! When left untreated, smoke and fire damage tends to get more challenging to repair and clean. Even worse, is that when not taken cared for correctly the damage will cause corrosion, discoloration, and leave behind awful odors that will continue to plague the home for years to come, (not to mention prevent and discourage future resale…say “goodbye” to your investment).

Many people don’t realize that ash can easily move from room to room, impacting areas of your home that weren’t even involved in the fire. On top of that, ash is acidic and if left untreated will continuously eat away and erode your home’s structure, drywall, and other prominent and important features in your home.

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Still not convinced? It gets worse…

Aside from your home corroding from the inside and smelling like burnt rubber mixed with ash and paint thinner, fires burn the toxic materials used to build homes and can create pollution that can cause short and long-term health issues for you and your family. So if you don’t hire a professional for your home and your investment, hire one for you and your family…(lung cancer is no walk in the park.)

So when should you contact the professionals? As soon as possible! These challenges begin to worsen and get harder and more expensive to deal with even just a few weeks after the damage was caused. Save money and protect your family, hire a professional.

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What will they do?

The professionals you contact should be highly trained and experience in fire odor and damage remediation. If you contact Rocky Mountain Catastrophe and Restoration they will take their time assessing the damage and identifying all materials that were impacted as well as where the odors involved are coming from. Our experts will determine what can’t be salvaged and will utilize our skills to remove and replace the structure in a timely manor. Aside from that we will use specialized detergents to remove the ash build up and prevent the ash from moving to a different part of your home. Should your home require additional prevention, our staff will go in and use special formulas to seal off materials containing odors to prevent them from saturating the area in the future.