Frozen pipes, and how we can help

Frozen pipes. It’s one of the frequent home catastrophes we encounter here in the high country. We recently responded to a call right here in Fraser, which is a story similar to much of the work we do up here.

The homeowners woke up one cold Fraser morning and went to the bathroom, but when they turned on the faucet, no water came out. The home’s entire indoor plumbing system was down – no bathing, no drinking, no cooking, no cleaning…no running water in their home!

It didn’t take long to locate the cause: the property’s main water pipes, located in the garage, had frozen solid during the chilly night. As the water in the pipes froze and turned to solid ice, the pressure from the ice caused several cracks in the pipes.

 Frozen Pipes Damage

Help with Frozen Pipes Colorado

As the temperature rose in the garage that morning, the frozen pipes gradually thawed. Before long, water was gushing from the cracked pipes, and the entire garage was flooded.

 Frozen Pipes Leaked

When the homeowners found the flooded garage and gushing pipes, they promptly called us at RMCat, and we responded right away. Within minutes, the gushing water had been turned off, the standing water was dried up, and our commercial-grade drying fans were hard at work circulating fresh air to completely dry the garage.

 Water Damage Frozen Pipes

We then got started right away with the plumbing work. The cracked pipes were repaired and the water was turned back on that afternoon. When the homeowners got home from work that evening, their plumbing was up and running again – like the frozen pipes never even happened!

So if you ever have a problem with frozen pipes, or any other sort of catastrophe in your home, remember that RMCat are always ready to help – day or night, 24/7, 365 days a year (366 on leap year!). We can repair plumbing problems, dry out flooding problems, and fix everything from fire and smoke damage to removing mold.

So if you experience some sort of home or property catastrophe, give us a call. We can help, and help quickly, so you can get on with your life like it never even happened.

To give Rocky Mountain Catastrophe, call us at 970-722-7744 or email [email protected].