Easy Home Improvements

Easy Home Improvements to Enhance Your Home

Paper Towel Drawer – you know that “drawer” that doesn’t actually go anywhere? You know, the one under the sink that guests are always grabbing when looking for kitchen utensils. With some tools, paint, and some time that “drawer” can become the perfect paper towel holder. Learn how to here.

Photo Credit: Southern Living

Photo Credit: Southern Living

Get Creative with Your Concrete – Tired of looking at that bland, old, foundation cement on the side of your house? By using exterior air stone tiles, you can quickly and easily to “jazz” it up. Learn how here.

Enhance the Side of a Bathtub – If you’d like to spruce up your bathroom without paying for an entire remodel, you can use a very similar technique as the concrete foundation for your tub. Grab some air stone tiles and get going to beautify your bathtub. Learn how here.

Enhance your Entire Bathtub – Is your bathtub (or bathroom for that fact) stuck in the 80’s? 70’s? 60’s? If your tub and tiles are making you see pink, peach, yellow, or avocado…here is a trick for you. For $30 you can paint away the dirt, grime, and once upon a time “cool colors” with Rust-Oleum Tub and Tile Transformation. Read the review here.  Just think, with just $30, and some time, this easy home improvement could dramatically improve your home’s value.


Home Improvments

Photo Credit: askannamoseley.com

Paint a Room – Nothing spruces up your home like a fresh coat of paint. If you don’t want to (or need to) commit to the exterior, start with one interior room. Check out your local hardware store for paint samples, color trends, and tips.

Paint Your Knobs – Dreaming of a remodel, but won’t be able to for a few years? Paint all the knobs in your home. A fresh paint color on your knobs will refresh the look and feel of your home. So what are you waiting for? Hit up your local hardware store to find a paint you like, (TIP: spray-paint works wonders!) pull the knobs off your drawers, cabinets, doors, etc. and get going! Here are some tips.

Photo Credit: HANDLE the HEAT

Photo Credit: HANDLE the HEAT

Paint Your Mailbox – Is your home’s curb appeal lacking? Give your mailbox a facelift. By cleaning and painting your mailbox and adding shiny new numbers, you will enhance your home’s curb appeal, (while making you and your neighbors happy).

There you have it. These seven Home Improvements will help to de-clutter your life, enhance your home, and improve the value of your home.

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