10 Reasons Drying is Best Left to Professionals:

10 Reasons Drying Out after Flooding is Best Left to Professionals:

  1. If your basement is flooded, pumping it right away when the ground around the foundation is saturated can cause uneven pressure and cause your foundation to crack or even collapse.Flooding
  1. Natural gas lines can leak after flooding, causing a very dangerous situation. Make sure the lines are completely shut off.
  2. Safety should always come first. Before you go into a house that has experienced flooding, make sure power has been shut off. If you aren’t sure, assume the power is on. And remember…just because the power might be off in the neighborhood, does not mean that the power to your house is off.flooding
  1. Drying out after flooding and water damage is a very technical process. If you use the wrong tools, or attempt to dry your house too quickly, you can cause warping and other permanent damage to parts of the building.
  1. In many cases floodwater is contaminated with waste and harmful bacteria. To protect yourself, cover your eyes, mouth and hands, and wash well after contact.


  1. Replace all electrical outlets that have been exposed to water.
  1. Wet plaster and sheetrock is very heavy. Be aware of this danger when entering buildings that have experienced flooding.
  1. Once wet, insulation is no longer effective. Additionally, wet insulation takes a very long time to dry, creating an ideal environment for mold, mildew and fungus to grow. Yuck!Flooding
  1. If you don’t dry out a building correctly and in a timely manner, mold, mildew, and fungus will develop, which can cause respiratory problems, and structural damage.Replace all electrical outlets that have been exposed to water.
  1. Remove wet furniture, carpets, etc. If left inside, these items will add to the moisture level, and lengthen the drying time. flooding

Sound fun? Not so much.

Contacting a reputable professional in this situation will take the pressure off of you and reduce your stress in an already stressful and disappointing situation. Rocky Mountain Catastrophe and Restoration has been drying out homes and getting them back to normal for years. Additionally, Rocky Mountain Catastrophe and Restoration will work with you and your insurance company to ensure the process goes smoothly.

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