Are Ice Dams Damaging Your Home?

©From Ridge to Eave

©From Ridge to Eave

Icicles might make the neighborhood look like a winter wonderland, but many times they indicate a potentially serious problem called an ice dam.

If not treated, ice dams can allow water to get under roofing and siding, causing leaks, mold, warped ceilings, floors, and even major structural problems.  Sounds fun right?  Not so much.

So what exactly causes ice dams?

Ice dams are caused by heat escaping through the roof, causing snow on the roof to melt and drip to the edge of a building, and refreeze there. Repeat this process until there is a solid hunk of ice, or ice dam on the edge of the building. The ice dam blocks future melting snow from running off the roof, forcing the water to seep into cracks under shingles, and leak into your home.

©Smart Roofing Inc.

©Smart Roofing Inc.

How can you prevent Ice Dams?

  • Insulation – Properly insulated walls and ceilings will keep heat meant for your house, from escaping through the roof and melting the snow on the roof, while saving you money on heating bills! When insulating, don’t forget about your attic door.
  • Ventilation – Proper ventilation will help keep temperatures in attics consistent with outside temperature, therefore preventing roof melt and run off.
  • Clean gutters – Sometimes the problem is as simple as clogged gutters. When gutters are full of leaves, twigs, or other debris, water gets trapped in the gutters. When temperatures drop, the water turns into an ice dam hanging out in your gutter. To prevent this, make sure your gutters are clean and clear every fall.

Have you noticed any of the following indicators of ice dams in your home?

  • Large icicles and/or ice buildup on the roof, gutter system, or walls of your home
  • Water leaking through door or window frames
  • Moisture and mold on ceiling or walls of attic
  • Warped ceilings, walls and/or floors

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Has your home fallen victim to an ice dam?

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