Fire Safety

  • Campfire safety tips from RMCat

    Memorial Day is just around the corner, and summertime is fast approaching here in the high country. For many, the summer season in Colorado is camping season. Summertime in Colorado is also wildfire season. Did you know as many as 90% of wildfires are caused by human activity? That means campfires are a leading cause […]

  • Holiday decoration safety

    At Rocky Mountain Catastrophe, we love the holidays. We get excited for the family time, the food, the fun, and the decorations too! Although all the fun holiday decorations put us in a festive mood, they can also be a risk to your home and your family. For instance, did you know that candle fires […]

  • Grilling safety tips

    Who doesn’t like grilled food? Hot and smoky grilled burgers, chicken, veggies, and many other foods can be all kinds of tasty. But grilling also requires a certain responsibility. Unattended or poorly maintained grills can be fire hazards to your home and property, and the potential consequences can be devastating. Don’t worry, though. A little […]