5 summer grilling tips

It’s really starting to feel like summer here in the High Country of Colorado! As the weather warms, so do the outdoor activities. Last week we discussed how to enjoy a safe campfire. This week we’d like to offer a few ideas on how to grill safely.


If you’ll be barbecuing, picnicking, or otherwise grilling this summer, keep these tips in mind:

–       Only grill outside. Keep your grill outdoors, and away from your home’s siding, deck railings, or any other structure, furniture, plants, or anything else that could potentially catch aflame.

–       Keep your grill clean. Remove any excess grease or food scraps that may have accumulated on your grill after use. Clean any ash or dirt from the grill before grilling again, and remember to dispose of used coals in a metal container – after they’ve completely cooled off, of course!

–       Maintain a “Safe Zone.” Keep a minimum 3-foot area around your grill clear. Always remember to keep children and pets away from a grill as well.

–       Know how to ignite your grill. If your grill is fueled by propane or natural gas, open the lid before you light your gas grill, as the gas may otherwise accumulate under the lid and explode upon ignition. To ignite charcoal grills, avoid using too much lighter fluid, and never light coals using potentially more volatile agents such as gasoline. A chimney is your best bet for lighting a charcoal grill either way – no lighter fluid taste in your food!

–       NEVER leave a grill unattended. Always keep an eye on your grill, from ignition until the grill completely cools after cooking.

These are just a few quick tips to help keep you and your family safe around a grill. Oh, one last tip, just for fun: if you do plan to grill out in Grand or Routt Counties, please feel free to invite us friendly folks at Rocky Mountain Catastrophe…we love barbecue!


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