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Rocky Mountain Catastrophe & Restoration – Why You Should Call Us (When You Need Us)

Disaster Damage:

Disaster never strikes at an ideal time. In fact disasters tend to follow Murphy’s Law and tend to occur at the worst possible times. You’re on vacation and a pipe bursts, you’re at work and an electrical fire starts, or you’re sleeping and a washer hookup breaks flooding your home while you sleep.

We’d like some warning, but as much as you may try to prepare for and prevent the worst, things happen, life happens, and sometimes you’re only option is to respond.

That’s where Rocky Mountain Catastrophe & Restoration comes in. Our locally owned company is certified to fix damage caused by fire, flood, leaks, falling trees, smoke, odor, sewage, and mildew. Our professional staff works throughout Grand and Routt Counties serving towns from Winter Park, Colorado to Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Water Damage Routt County

Non-Disaster Work We Do:

We don’t always respond to disasters. Sometimes other issues bring us to a job.

Asbestos and Radon Remediation:

We are a licensed and highly trained and professional asbestos and radon remediation agency. Both Grand and Routt Counties in Colorado suffer from radon poisoning. Additionally many of the buildings in these areas were constructed in the 60’s and 70’s before people knew about the dangers surrounding asbestos. Our certified staff can safely and effectively test your home or business for asbestos or radon. Should either be found, we will begin working to remediate it as soon as possible. With us you can rest easy knowing we got the job done correctly and safely.

Radon Remediation

Repairs and Rebuilds:

Our affiliate company, Headwater Construction allows us to work to complete building and remodeling projects throughout Grand County, Colorado. If you’re considering a remodel, or in need of a new build, give us a call or check out our counterpart’s website: We’d be happy to chat, show you the work we’ve done, and discuss how we’d be able to help you.

Other Reasons:

There is no job too large or small for our experienced professionals to handle. We are available and on call 24/7 to respond to any emergency your home or business may encounter.

An Added Bonus:

Having done a lot of work with insurance companies, we can even assist you with your insurance claim. We understand and are well versed in the process…so sit back and let us help you work with your insurance agency to get your repairs covered. (Now that’s service!)

What Now:

So if you need us call us. We’re here for you and your family 24/7. Your safety and peace of mind are our priorities. Should you need us, we will work, and get the job done, without disrupting your life.

Contact Us:

  • Routt County Emergency Line: (970) 819-1239
  • Grand County Emergency Line: (970) 531-7308
  • (970) 722-7744 (Office)
  • (970) 722-7788 (Fax)
  • [email protected]