Shoulder season carpet cleaning

September is shoulder season here in Grand County and Routt County. The seasons are changing in the Colorado Rockies. Odds are your high country property has endured a lot over the seasons, from the mud of spring to the dirt of summer to the dynamic weather changes of autumn. That makes shoulder season a good time to take advantage of yet another one of Rocky Mountain Catastrophe’s services: carpet cleaning.


RMCat offers the most comprehensive carpet cleaning services in Colorado. We begin by vacuuming up any loose debris or minute particles that may be in your carpet. We then treat any stains, from mud stains to food stains to pet stains to…you name it. We then precondition the carpet to remove any embedded dirt, sticky spots, or other soiled areas.

After the vacuuming, stain treatment, and preconditioning, your carpet is finally ready to be professionally steam cleaned. We use only the most high-tech, most powerful carpet cleaning equipment, and our technicians are professionally trained to clean your carpet much better than what could be done with a do-it-yourself steam cleaner rental.

Once we steam clean your carpet, we’ll then fluff the carpet back up. We’ll even re-stretch the carpet, if necessary. Our thorough and comprehensive carpet cleaning service will leave your carpet looking like new again. It’ll be like any stains, soils, or discoloration in high traffic areas never even happened!

Of course, we can clean much more than carpet for you. We’re professionally trained to clean virtually every surface in your property. We can clean area rugs, clean upholstery and furniture, clean hardwood floors, clean tile and grout, even clean drapery.

We can even clean particularly nasty messes, from flooding and water damage to sewage problems to mold and mildew removal. We even offer professional odor removal services. So if Rocky Mountain Catastrophe can help you in any way, don’t hesitate to let us know. For shoulder season carpet cleaning or any other of our services, contact us today!


To contact Rocky Mountain Catastrophe, call 970-722-7744 or email [email protected].


In the event of an emergency call us 24/7: call 970-531-7308 in Grand County, or 970-819-1239 in Routt County.

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