Fire Prevention Week

It’s Fire Prevention Week! This week is dedicated to raising awareness about preventing fires and keeping your family prepared and safe. The dates of the week were chosen to commemorate the Great Chicago Fire, a tragic fire that burned on October 8-9 of 1879 – 135 years to this day.

So what can we learn today about fire prevention? We can better understand what causes home fires. We can also understand what measures you can take to prevent fires from happening, and how to prevent harm to your family should a fire occur.

The leading cause of home fires is cooking, which we’ve written about before – click here for our blog on fire prevention in the kitchen. Other frequent causes of home fires include heating equipment (click here for that blog), and smoking.


In addition to being aware of common fire causes, it’s important to install and maintain smoke alarms for your family. Install the alarms on every room of your home, including the basement, and inside and outside of each bedroom. Make sure the alarms are installed on the ceilings or high on walls, so as to better detect rising smoke. Test your smoke alarms at least once a month as well. Change dead smoke alarm batteries or replace alarms that are no longer operational.


In the event your smoke alarms sound, your family should also have a plan of action. First, when you hear the alarms, remember to walk briskly, but don’t run. Second, make sure everyone in your home knows at least two ways to get out of each room, if possible. Third, get outside as soon as possible, to avoid being trapped in a burning building. Fourth, have an established outdoor meeting please so your family knows where to find one another in the event of a fire emergency.

And in the event of a fire emergency, remember to call 911 immediately. Get the fire department to your home ASAP! After you call 911, call us at Rocky Mountain Catastrophe. We’re experts at fixing fire and smoke damage, and can be on the scene 24/7 to begin the repairs and rebuilds that will return your property to normal. We also offer contents restoration services to restore your possessions that may be damaged by fire and smoke, water, or other catastrophes.

If RMCat can help, please don’t hesitate to call us. Stay safe, everyone!

To contact Rocky Mountain Catastrophe, call 970-722-7744 or email [email protected].

In the event of an emergency, call our emergency hotline in Grand County at 970-531-7308, or in Routt County at 970-819-1239.

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