Fixing mold and moisture damage

Rocky Mountain Catastrophe recently completed a mold remediation project in Steamboat Springs. Mold is toxic and has the potential to cause respiratory and other problems, which can create quite a health concern for a home’s inhabitants. Moisture also has the potential to cause rotting damage to the structure of your home.

Our client’s home had significant mold and moisture damage in the property’s crawlspace, as you can see in the photos below. Rocky Mountain Catastrophe is pleased to report we were quickly on the scene to fix the mold and moisture damage like it never even happened.

40300 AnchorWay_Foster 07-17-2014 (1)

Mold growth and moisture damage in this crawlspace

40300 AnchorWay_Foster 07-17-2014 (2)

We have lots of high-tech equipment, like our moisture meters, which allowed us to precisely measure the moisture at critical points in the crawlspace and in the home’s foundation.

40300 AnchorWay_Foster 07-17-2014 (7)

We then conditioned the entire crawlspace with a high-tech sealant, which effectively encapsulates the crawlspace. This conditioning not only prevents moisture from entering and accumulating in the space, it also prevents mold from being able to grow in the space again.

40300AnchorWay_Foster 08-26-2014 (3)

Mold and moisture problems…solved!

40300AnchorWay_Foster 08-26-2014 (4)

In addition to the conditioning, we also installed a new sump pump system. This also helps to eliminate moisture from the crawlspace, which again prevents future mold growth.

40300AnchorWay_Foster 08-26-2014 (5)

Mold remediation and moisture damage repair are just a few of the services we provide at Rocky Mountain Catastrophe. We can permanently remove mold and repair water damage in your property, and we can do it quickly as well. If you have a mold or water problem in Grand or Routt County, Colorado, Contact us today!

To contact Rocky Mountain Catastrophe, call 970-722-7744 or email [email protected].