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  • Holiday decoration safety

    At Rocky Mountain Catastrophe, we love the holidays. We get excited for the family time, the food, the fun, and the decorations too! Although all the fun holiday decorations put us in a festive mood, they can also be a risk to your home and your family. For instance, did you know that candle fires […]

  • The Science of Frozen Pipes

    Frozen pipes. It’s one of the most frequent household problems we encounter here in the high country. A particularly cold front moves through one night, and you wake up to a flooded home. Or worse – you’ve been out of town for a while, and when you return to your second home in the mountains, […]

  • After the Flood: Mold, Asbestos, Rebuilding

    The Colorado floodwaters have finally receded, though many problems still linger for homeowners with flood damaged homes. Thousands of properties are estimated to have been damaged or destroyed – yikes! There are several other areas of concern for the thousands of homeowners who must deal with the ongoing flood recovery efforts. Damp and flooded homes […]

  • Cleaning up the Front Range Floods

    At Rocky Mountain Catastrophe, our hearts go out to the victims of the recent Colorado flooding. That’s why we’ve spent the past several days down in the Front Range communities, helping our friends with flood cleanup and restoration. Give us a call at 970-531-7308 if we can help. Although the majority of the damage is […]

  • Preventative maintenance for the colder months

    Summer is on its way out and the days are getting shorter. This means nighttime temps will soon dip below freezing, and the Rocky Mountain winter is fast approaching. Cold weather can freeze your plumbing and do a lot of damage to your property. Luckily, though, a little preventative maintenance can do a lot to […]

  • Mold prevention tips

    Mold is a nasty beast. It can grow virtually anywhere, including your home, and it can cause a boatload of health problems for you and your family – eye and skin irritation, nasal stuffiness, wheezing, coughing, asthma, fever, even respiratory illness and infection, to name a few. Mold likes to grow in damp environments. Unfortunately, […]

  • Grilling safety tips

    Who doesn’t like grilled food? Hot and smoky grilled burgers, chicken, veggies, and many other foods can be all kinds of tasty. But grilling also requires a certain responsibility. Unattended or poorly maintained grills can be fire hazards to your home and property, and the potential consequences can be devastating. Don’t worry, though. A little […]