Spring Maintenance

Happy Spring!

Spring is a great time to get on top of all those fun spring maintenance activities to protect your property and your family. Did we say fun spring maintenance? Perhaps that is an oxymoron…but either way it is necessary and the sooner you check these annual to-dos of the list, the sooner you can get to the truly fun things, like BBQs, bike riding, and enjoying nature!

Six Spring Maintenance Tasks to Get you Going:

1. Inspect Your Smoke Detectors: Change the batteries in your smoke detectors (typically when you move your clock forward is a good time to change them), but incase you forgot, spring will do!

Spring Cleaning

2. Clean your fireplace and wood stove: Creosote builds up inside your chimney as a result of burning wood, (specifically pine) and is HIGHLY flammable. If you used your fireplace a lot this winter, it’s worth having someone inspect and/or clean it. Don’t risk a chimney fire…those are never fun and can result in serious damage to your house, or worse your health.


Working smoke detectors and cleaning fireplaces can mitigate damage to your family and home. It’s definitely worth the time. (photo credit: NatGeo)

 3. Inspect all vents, crawl spaces, etc: Winter is a cold time of year. You never know what little (or big critter) might have used your vents, ducts, wall, or crawl spaces as an escape from the cold. Spring is a great time to inspect and protect. While they might be cute (or terrifying), they can be problematic to your home and health. The sooner you get any critters out of your home, the better.


4. Clean your external air conditioning unit: Unplug and clean your air conditioner with a vacuum or if safe a garden hose. Get rid of any debris clogging the vents to ensure proper airflow (and save you on electric bills). Trim shrubs that are around your air conditioning unit to prevent future buildup.

5. Inspect and repair fences: Winter can be harsh on fences. Spring is a great time to be proactive and repair any damage that might have occurred during the winter. While more important for aesthetics, (unless you have a pet, child or a pool…then it’s crucial for safety), maintaining your fences will benefit your property value.

Spring Cleaning

6. Inspect your roof for damage: Ice dams, heavy snow and even storms damage many roofs during the winter. Spring is a great time to inspect your roof, identify any damage, and repair before the problem gets worse. Be careful and use common sense when inspecting. If you have any safety concerns or if your roof is at a steep grade, we recommend contacting a professional who is trained and equipped to safely inspect and/or repair roofs.

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