10 Easy Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency in Your Home

10 Easy Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency in Your Home:

Money saved in different kinds of light bulbs. Isolated on white1. Replace incandescent light bulbs with the new energy saving CFL’s or LED’s. These light bulbs will last longer, and save you money each month. Cost: $2 each

2. Insulate windows to help keep heat in your home. Plastic window treatments, cellular/honeycomb shades, and thick curtains all help prevent cold drafts from entering your home, and hot air from escaping. Cost: $5+ depending on treatment

3. Install an energy efficient shower head and faucet aerators. The average family could save over 3,000 gallons per year by installing an energy efficient shower heads and faucet aerators. Cost: $5 – $15

4. Wash full loads of laundry in cold water. Not only will you keep your heating bill down, but you will also preserve the colors of your clothes and prevent them from shrinking! Cost: Free

5. Clean the lint trap of your dryer regularly. Cleaning the lint trap of your dryer is an easy way to reduce the amount of time needed to dry clothes therefore saving you energy.  Aside from energy efficiency, this is a great way to reduce the risk of dryer fires. Cost: Free

Handyman Caulking6. Regularly replace air filters in furnaces and air conditioners once a month. A dirty filter makes the system work harder to keep you warm or cool, and can lead to expensive maintenance and/or early system failure.  Cost: $10+ depending on the type of filter

7. Insulate doors to attics and crawlspaces. By insulating the doors and access ports leading to crawl spaces and attics will reduce drafts and improve energy efficiency. Cost: Varies

8. Use low VOC caulk and weather stripping around windows and doors as extra insulation. Cost: $5 – $20

9. Install foam gaskets behind light switches to prevent energy leaks. Learn how here Cost: $5 – $10 for a set of 10.

10. If your water heater is in a cool place like a basement or garage, invest in a watertight blanket to conserve heat. Cost: $15- $30 (over time, this investment will save you much more than that)