Wildfire prevention tips for homeowners

A recent NatGeo article has shed some light on the science behind wildfires. When it comes to preventing property destruction, the science suggests that preparing communities to resist the spread of wildfires may be more effective than just trying to control the wildfires. Fires grow larger by the spreading of burning embers, so the goal is to prevent those embers from catching anything else on fire. To prevent such fires from spreading, here are 10 quick wildfire prevention tips for homeowners:

Install screens over vents. If your property has attic vents or crawlspace vents, installing metal screens with gaps no larger than 1/8 inch can prevent wildfire embers from entering.

Roofing material. Wood shingles can be a fire hazard. Metal, ceramic, or slate roofing is a much safer choice in wildfire country.

Trim trees. Keeping tree limbs and branches trimmed back can prevent wildfires from spreading from tree to tree. If tree limbs hang over your home, trimming these limbs can prevent wildfires from igniting your home.

Clean gutters. Pine needles, leaves, and other debris can collect in gutters, which can become flammable kindling in wildfire conditions. Regularly cleaning, or better yet, placing shields or screens over your gutters can safeguard against burning embers.

Avoid mulch. If a burning ember falls into landscaping mulch, the mulch becomes kindling for fire to spread. Especially avoid mulching areas that are right up against your home.


Keeping grass watered and trimmed can help prevent the spread of wildfires

Water regularly. Grasses and shrubs are much more flammable when they’re dry and brown. Keeping grasses watered and green naturally makes your lawn and landscape more fire resistant.

Space your landscaping… Don’t plant trees or shrubs too close together. Creating space between landscape features makes it difficult for wildfire to spread across your property.

…Especially around your foundation. Planting tall grasses or shrubs up against your foundation creates fire hazards that can ignite and spread to your home.


Stone patios are safer than wood decks in wildfire country

Stone patio. In wildfire country, installing a stone patio or fire-resistant composite decking material is a much safer choice than wooden decking.

Maintain your lawn and landscape. Regular maintenance and upkeep, such as trimming trees and shrubs, mowing grass short, and cleaning out gutters can go a long way in preparing your property for wildfire season.

One last bonus tip: listen to Smokey! The previous tips have been mostly about reducing fire hazards on your property during wildfire season, though it’s important to reduce the risk of wildfires happening in the first place. The bear’s not kidding when he says, “Only you can prevent wildfires,” so do Smokey a solid and be safe about campfires and controlled burns…especially since it’s Smokey’s birthday!

Either way, we are RMCat are here to help. We’re full-service general contractors who can help with property remodels, roofing, and other sorts of renovation work. We can even help restore fire or smoke-damaged properties. Contact us if we can help!

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For more info: original article on natgeo