Carpet Cleaning

In combination with our damage restoration services, we offer carpet cleaning services for water damage, sewage damage, smoke damage, and mold and mildew removal.

No one likes wet carpets! Before we start the process of cleaning the carpets, we first need to remove any water or mold. Mold in carpet can be dangerous as molds produce allergens, irritants, and, in some cases, potentially toxic substances. Eliminating high-moisture conditions and preventing the risk of flooding or standing water will reduce the possibility of mold growth on your carpets. Don’t try to do it yourself! Call the experts and let us clean your carpet and return it to like new. After excess water is removed, we follow a rigorous ventilation and drying out protocol, which can often save not only the carpet but also the carpet pad. Our professional staff are also skilled in cleaning area rugs, upholstery, hardwood floors, tile and grout, and drapery or window treatments.

We follow a set of standard carpet cleaning procedures to leave you with a carpet that feels, looks, and smells brand new:

  • vacuum up excess debris or loose particles
  • treat any stains, including mold or mildew on carpet
  • precondition the carpet to remove sticky substances or embedded dirt
  • steam clean the carpet
  • fluff up the carpet
  • restretch the carpet, if necessary

Carpet Cleaning

For more information on our carpet cleaning services in Grand County, please call (970) 722-7744, or e-mail [email protected].

In case of an emergency from water, sewage, smoke, or mold, please call our 24 hour line at (970) 531-7308.