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  • Fire Prevention Week

    It’s Fire Prevention Week! This week is dedicated to raising awareness about preventing fires and keeping your family prepared and safe. The dates of the week were chosen to commemorate the Great Chicago Fire, a tragic fire that burned on October 8-9 of 1879 – 135 years to this day. So what can we learn […]

  • Shoulder season carpet cleaning

    September is shoulder season here in Grand County and Routt County. The seasons are changing in the Colorado Rockies. Odds are your high country property has endured a lot over the seasons, from the mud of spring to the dirt of summer to the dynamic weather changes of autumn. That makes shoulder season a good […]

  • Fixing mold and moisture damage

    Rocky Mountain Catastrophe recently completed a mold remediation project in Steamboat Springs. Mold is toxic and has the potential to cause respiratory and other problems, which can create quite a health concern for a home’s inhabitants. Moisture also has the potential to cause rotting damage to the structure of your home. Our client’s home had […]

  • Wildfire prevention tips for homeowners

    A recent NatGeo article has shed some light on the science behind wildfires. When it comes to preventing property destruction, the science suggests that preparing communities to resist the spread of wildfires may be more effective than just trying to control the wildfires. Fires grow larger by the spreading of burning embers, so the goal […]

  • Happy Birthday Smokey

    Arguably the most recognizable person when it comes to wildfire awareness isn’t even a person at all. It’s a bear! Odds are you just thought of Smokey Bear – like we said, recognizable, right? Smokey’s actually been fighting wildfires for decades. In fact, Smokey Bear is celebrating his 70th birthday this summer, coming up soon […]

  • What causes a wildfire?

    Since it’s wildfire season here in the Colorado Rockies, we’ve recently been discussing wildfire awareness on our blog. To better understand wildfires, perhaps we should take a look into the very causes of wildfires. So, what does cause wildfires? Basically, wildfires have two main causes: by natural means of ignition, and by ignitions caused by […]

  • Lightning and House Fires – Safety Awareness Week

    This week is Lightning Safety Awareness Week, and it’s just in time for the summer storm season. Here in the Colorado Rockies lightning is an even greater risk, with our higher elevations and fast-developing storms. With that said, and in honor of Lightning Safety Awareness Week, we thought this week’s blog would be a good […]

  • Wildfire “Defensible Space”

    Summer season is wildfire season in the American West, and especially so here in the Colorado Rockies. We’ll be discussing wildfires and wildfire preparedness on our blog over the next coming weeks, starting with this week’s post on “defensible space.” So what is defensible space, as it pertains to wildfires? Defensible space refers to the […]